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YOUR Local Volunteer Fire Department

If you are like most of us we rarely think about our local volunteer fire departments until we need them! Did you know that local volunteer fire departments are just that -- VOLUNTEERS. They do not receive state funding; only your support and their time. In the past they have relied on grants, however, it is nearly impossible to receive a grant today.

You may be asking yourself, what does my local volunteer fire department, my property taxes, and my homeowners insurance have in common. Why is my local agent blogging about this topic?

Insurance carriers determine homeowners insurance rates using many different factors. Did you know each city, county, zip code, community, etc. has it own fire protection class? This class can make a big impact on your homeowners insurance rate. By supporting the local volunteer fire departments near you can ensure they will remain open. What does this mean for you? Your fire protection class will improve potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on your homeowners insurance each year. Who doesn't like to save money?!?!

So how can you help to support YOUR local volunteer fire department?

On November 8th there will be a property tax increase vote on your ballot. Checking "YES" will drastically change the degree of service each local volunteer fire department can provide for your communities throughout Marion County. I have attached a very informative flyer regarding this tax increase. Please take a moment to look over the information. YOUR local volunteer fire departments and your wallet may thank you!