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Lawn Mowing 101

Lawn Mowing 101: 

In September 2018, The Washington Post reported each year across the United States, 6,394 people, on average, sustain serious injuries — including burns, cuts and broken bones — in lawnmower accidents, according to a new study from Johns Hopkins researchers, published in the journal Public Health Reports. 

Based on eight years of emergency room and hospitalization data, lacerations are most common (47% of injuries), followed by fractures (22%) and amputations (22%), with the wrist and hands injured more often than feet and toes. Most injuries require a medical procedure, and nearly 10% need hospitalization for surgery, at an average cost of about $37,000 per patient. Men are injured more often than women (85% vs. 15%). Among kids, children up to age 4 are more likely to have foot or lower-extremity injuries and more likely to have amputation than are those 15 and older. 

Please follow these simple tips when mowing:

• Clear the path in front of the mower from debris before mowing.

• Locate and avoid electrical wires that may be in your lawn.

• Do not start the equipment near a combustible material, or areas with poor ventilation or smoke.

• Use a mower with a control that keeps it from moving forward if the handle is released.

• Make sure the mower has had time to cool before you refuel it.

• Keep your hands and feet away from the blades.

• Never use your hands to unclog mower – we suggest a sturdy stick.

• Allow only one person on a riding mower at a time.

• Consider buying safety glasses to reduce the chance of flying objects from getting in your eyes.

• Wear heavy shoes to help protect your feet.

• Do not allow children under the age of 12 to operate a push lawnmower, and age 16 for a riding lawnmower.

CIS Insurance wants you to keep yourself and the people around you from being a part of those statistics and pledge to be safe when it comes to mowing your lawn!