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Fire pits: Cozy year round

When you think about a fire pit, think cozy--year-round.

If you love a fire pit, now’s the perfect time to add one to your outdoor decor. And if you’re thinking a fire pit is only good for the fall or winter months, think again. They are an outdoor feature you can use year-round. You would be hard-pressed to find a backyard feature as versatile as the fire pit. 

In the summer, roast s'mores by starlight or just sit around it and enjoy some friendly conversation. Throw an outdoor evening party with your close friends and family and let it be the main attraction, lighting up the yard and keeping the bugs at bay. A fire pit can be whatever you want to make it to be, small or big, cost-wise and fuel-wise. Costs can be as low as $100 and go upwards into the thousands, all depending on how elaborate you want to make your fire pit.

Probably the easiest fire pit to build is a wood-burning one, but while there’s labor involved in building it, you’ll always have additional labor in cutting wood for it. Or having the wood cut. A natural gas fire pit or a propane fire pit is nice, simply because you can fire either of these up with ease and there’s no wood-cutting involved.

Many people simply enjoy sitting around a fire outdoors. It can add interest, color and warmth to any landscape and yes, even one with snow on the ground.

Here are some possibilities for your fire pit:

1. Outdoor Oasis - Place a fire pit near a water feature for a balanced, beautiful backyard oasis.

2. Warm Gathering - Get comfy al fresco dining in the cooler months by making your fire pit a dinner destination.

3. Light Show - Even in warm climates, a fire pit creates a glowing ambiance that can’t be beat. Offset your fire with colored landscaping lights to create dramatic mood lighting.

4. Inviting Spaces - Turn an awkward space into an inviting one by placing your fire pit in an area just next to create a social hub that anyone can join.

5. Green and Serene - There’s nothing more calming than time spent by the fire, so place your fire pit off the beaten track for a secluded, serene gathering place that you can use day or night.

6. Outdoor Dining - Pick up the warm colors in your landscaping and create the perfect space for dining and entertaining with a well-placed fire pit.

Fire pits set the mood for meaningful conversations along with providing a relaxing environment.

CIS Insurance Agency always urges safety when dealing with anything involving fire.

Please follow these Backyard Fire Pit Safety Tips per the National Fire Protection Association:

• Check wind direction before lighting a fire.

• Don’t use flammable fluids (gasoline, lighter fluid, etc.) to light or relight fires.

• Don’t wear flammable clothing (like nylon) or any loose-fitting clothing.

• Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the fire.

• Avoid using soft woods like pine or cedar, because they can “pop” and throw sparks.

• Keep a fire extinguisher, garden hose or bucket of water nearby.

It’s also important that you know how to safely dispose of the ashes when you’re done with the fire for the night if you’re using a wood-burning fire pit. Once the ashes have cooled, put them in a metal container and pouring water on them.

If you have any questions regarding your fire pit, check in with CIS Insurance Agency about your coverage.