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Customer Testimonials


“Super easy and friendly to deal with! They will go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met!”

Crystal B.

“Have been with them for almost eleven years and am very happy with them. They have always been there to answer my questions and have checked around for me at renewal time to see if they could save me money. Friendly and knowledgeable, I highly recommend them.”

Julie T.

“The people who work there are very helpful and nice.”

Peggy C.

CIS saved me a lot of money on my homeowners and auto insurance! I went from paying $1400 a year for homeowners to paying $700 and have MORE COVERAGE!!! Definitely check them out for all your insurance needs. Plus the people are awesome!”

Cathy B.

CIS Saved me a lot of money on my home owners insurance and my Autos… with better coverage!!! Love these ladies!!”

Jodi B.

“I love it! Amy helped save us money on our auto insurance, when we were going to have to pay almost $800 a month, we now pay $300!”

Laken L.

“The best! We have our auto and house insured at CIS. I know these people are there to answer any questions I have and are there if any problem arises. Call today and let them help you”

Melissa M.

“Extremely qualified team. They offer everything I needed but coached me on value of different services. Very competitive pricing while provided more insurance. Highly recommend!!”

Daniel L.

“They got me the best price for full coverage insurance on my vehicle”

Mary M.

“Always helpful and willing to go out of their way to get you the best price and service ~ Heather C.”

Heather C.