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Save Some Money: Follow These Simple Tips

Don't we all need to save some money? The problem is, we often do not know how to get started. Try these ideas:

1. Put a little away every week. Don't underestimate the power of saving $25 to $50 per week. If you pay yourself $25 per week, in two years you will have saved $2,600, not counting interest.

2. Use only your bank's ATMs. Many banks charge as much as $3 per transaction for deposits and withdrawals from outside their network. If you use your ATM card five times a month at these types of machines, you might end up paying $200 or more for the privilege of managing your own money.

3. Track your spending. Log your spending habits for one week. Write down everything you spend, even down to candy bars and sodas. An accurate picture of your spending log is going to convince you to cut back.

4. Avoid getting credit cards. More than one or two credit cards is too many. If you can have one credit card and pay it off each month, that may work for you. However, you should consider to limit your credit card use to emergencies only and instead use your debit card primarily. After all, in reality, a credit card is the spending of money you don't actually have.

5. Keep a close check on your credit report. If you see a problem with your credit score, correct the issue right away.

"Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving."

-Warren Buffet