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Kia and Hyundai Thefts Are Spiking: Here’s What You Need To Know

Do you own a Kia or Hyundai? 

If so, you may be among the millions of other drivers whose vehicles are at increased risk for car theft.

A viral TikTok challenge is sweeping social media and contributing to a recent spike in Kia and Hyundai thefts nationwide. This trend encourages users to steal certain Kia or Hyundai models, targeting those that require a key in the ignition to start. In some areas of the U.S., this challenge has helped spark car thefts at a frequency that’s more than 30 times normal levels.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 4.5 million Kias and 3.8 million Hyundais are impacted. If you own one of these affected models, here are steps you can take to help protect yourself from these Kia and Hyundai thefts:

For Kia Owners

Kia has announced a program to provide free anti-theft software upgrades to impacted Kia owners. The company has started notifying owners about the upgrade and will make it available over the coming months. For more information, visit the Kia Owner’s portal online or contact Kia directly by calling 800-333-4542.

As an alternative anti-theft solution, Kia is also offering free steering wheel locks for owners. Check the Kia Owner’s portal or contact your local Kia dealer to learn more.

For Hyundai Owners

Hyundai is also offering a similar program for anti-theft software upgrades at no cost to affected owners. You can stop by your local Hyundai dealer to receive the upgrade for your vehicle. In total, installation takes less than an hour to complete. For more information, visit the Hyundai Anti-Theft website or call Hyundai at 800-633-5151.

If you buy a steering wheel lock, you can receive reimbursement from Hyundai for that purchase. Learn more about this program by checking the Hyundai Anti-Theft website or contacting your local Hyundai dealer.

Safeguard Your Vehicle From Theft

Having your car stolen can be a stressful and scary experience. Luckily, there are precautions you can take to help thwart would-be car thieves. Even if you don’t own an affected Kia or Hyundai, it’s still a good idea to familiarize yourself with other car theft prevention techniques.