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Utility Trailer Insurance

Utility Trailer Insurance

Do I need to insure my utility trailer? While trailer insurance is not a legal requirement it is almost always a good idea to insure your investment. If you have a large amount invested in the trailer or its contents you will want to protect it from loss such as accident, theft, etc.

Generally your automobile insurance will extend to a trailer, however, only the liabiliy and only while the trailer is attached to the auto. The trailer itself and its contents will not be covered under your auto owner’s policy while unhitched or stored.

Trailer insurance can provide liabiliy, bodily injury, and property damage to others in the event of an accident. It can also provide comprehensive, collision, and contents coverage. Premiums are generally low but peace of mind will be high.

As a full-service insurance agency, CIS Insurance Agency also provides a wide range of insurance options. Get your free insurance quote today. To learn more or speak with a representative, call our office during regular business hours.